Hyundai Elantra vs Honda Civic

For a small sedan that will be a reliable performer day after day, it’s hard to go wrong with either the Elantra or Civic. Of course, the Honda Civic has been a long-standing top seller in this segment of the automotive market, but the Hyundai Elantra offers an overall package that may be more compelling for many buyers.

This article will highlight the similarities and differences between these two, so you can determine which is right for your needs. If you want to see the Elantra for yourself and set up a test drive, reach out to the team here at Five Star Hyundai Macon and we’ll be happy to make that happen.

Similar Power Available

If you go with the base model engine in your Elantra or Civic, you will get an engine that is very similar to the other vehicle. In both cases, you’ll have a four-cylinder 2.0L engine that is partnered with a CVT to distribute power to the wheels. The Elantra offers 147 horsepower and 132 pound-feet of torque, while the Civic checks in at 158 horsepower and 138 pound-feet of torque. For the average vehicle owner and user, those numbers are so close there won’t be any discernible difference in the driving experience from one to the other.

The Similarities Continue

As you keep looking through the specs for these two cars, it’s hard to find much that separates the two. In each, you’ll have the ability to pick from four unique trim packages. In the Hyundai, you can select from the SE, SEL, N Line, and Limited. For Honda, the LX is the base model and the Touring version sits at the top of the range.

Both of these cars can seat five, although four would typically be more comfortable. The fuel tanks are the same size, each utilizes front-wheel drive, and they even offer a similar look from the exterior. So, we haven’t found much to help you pick one over the other just yet, but there are a couple of points where we start to see the Hyundai inch ahead.

Two Important Factors

For starters, the Hyundai Elantra offers slightly more passenger space than what is available in the Civic. In relatively small vehicles, every inch matters when it comes to getting comfortable inside the cab. Those sitting in the front of the Elantra have more than an extra inch of legroom compared to the Honda, and rear passengers have a bit more legroom, as well. This is a key point to keep in mind if you will regularly use your new car to give others a ride, whether it’s to drop the kids off at school or carpool with others to work.

The other differentiating point when picking between the Elantra and Civic is the starting price of these two cars. You’ll find that the Hyundai comes in roughly $2,000 below where the Honda is positioned in the market. Given how many points are the same or very similar between these two, saving around two thousand dollars on your purchase is a big deal. Of course, the price of either vehicle will creep up as you add features and move up the trim package lineup, but you’ll consistently find that an Elantra is more affordable than a similarly-equipped Civic.

Final Notes

If safety is one of the key points on your shopping list, know that both of these vehicles perform well in that category. Even if you opt for the base model, you’ll still get plenty of safety equipment as standard.

Gas mileage is another important factor when shopping for a new vehicle, and it’s yet another area where very little separates these two. However, the Elantra does have a slight edge thanks to better performance on highway fuel economy. It’s not a huge advantage, but if you spend a lot of time driving on local highways and freeways, you might want to weigh that factor into your choice, as well.

A vehicle like the Civic doesn’t get as popular as it is without offering plenty of great features and a comfortable ride. With that said, the current version of the Hyundai Elantra is a passenger car that just offers too much to be ignored. Come by Five Star Hyundai Macon to see our collection of Elantra vehicles or explore the inventory available here on our site. We would love to serve you!